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Here's what our community has to say about our events!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the ETCSEE 2016 conference. Professionally, it was a great opportunity to learn about very different energy markets, as well as political and technological developments, from interesting people with first-hand experience. Personally, it was also a lot of fun. It was also very well organized and run. I would encourage others to participate." 

David Robinson, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

“It was my pleasure to participate on this conference. The conference was very well organized with participation of many companies from the region and beyond. Participation on the ETCSEE for me is a new experience. Personally, I’ve heard a lot of new things that are happening and what is expected in the near future in CEE and SEE. I saw a lot of people with whom I cooperate in operational work and met many new people and companies who are working in this region.”

Dejan Stojcevski, Chief Operating Officer, SEEPEX

“ETCSEE 2016 has really been a valuable networking event, which gave me an opportunity to meet in person our clients and collect feedback from them. Moreover, communicated knowledge, ideas exchanged and contacts gained are what makes this event so remarkable.”

Dijana Martinčić, Deputy Executive, Director/IT Expert, SEE CAO 

“The event has been successful in terms of generating new leads and contacts and maintaining relationship with our current business relations, which would not have been possible without the great organization and effort of the Synergy team.”

Eszter Tamas, Business Developer, NEAS

“It was a great event, there was a nice mix of topics, the panel with the representatives of the exchanges was a highlight for me. Networking opportunities were also top notch, all key players were there.”

Irina Peltegova, Deputy Editor, ICIS

 "European Utility Week is instrumental to keep up with the development in a unique time of transformation. New Technologies, business models and actors can all be explored during a limited time and in a limited space. For me the takeout this year is the acceptance of storage as a potential game changer in the electricity industry."

Bo Normark, Thematic Leader, Smartgrid and Storage, Innoenergy

"EUW 2016 has been a great opportunity to share the latest market trends and project results with key heads of the utility sector, thus increasing our network. The organizing team make it work smooth and easy for speakers and attendees. Both the Summit and the Hub we participated were just a great experience!"

Francisco Puente, Project Lead, EC Project USMARTCONSUMER

"European Utility Week is becoming each year a special occasion to know and debate with special people about energy sector challenges."

João Torres, Chief Executive Officer of EDP Distribuição and Chairman of EDSO

“EUW for me is definitely Europe's largest and most comprehensive smart energy event, focused on smart utilities and those who intend to become it, including all aspects, such as smart energy technologies, business frameworks and associated aspects. If you want to meet business professionals, experts, decision makers and innovators for the smart energy arena, you have to show up at EUW”.

Robert Sarcevic, Senior Marketing Consultant, Siemens

"European Utility Week undoubtedly represents a valuable platform for utilities to connect and discuss the trends of the industry."

Ryan O’Keeffe, Director of Communications, Enel


“EMART is all about the networking, meeting relevant Utilities and potential service providers who we can partner with and meanwhile listening to interesting talks.”

James Johnston, CEO, Open Utility


“In a fast-changing and increasingly competitive power market, EMART provides one of the best pan-European events to share news and hear from market players from across Europe about new and exciting challenges affecting our industry.”

Pietro Rabassi, Director, Nord Pool

“EMART is one of the only events that bring together different perspectives from different players. In one coffee break you speak to a lot of people and that creates ideas for when you come back to the office.”

Martijn van Gemert, Senior Economist Market Design, Vattenfall

“This is one of the best EMART’s I can remember. It’s not killing 2 birds with one stone, but it’s killing 300 birds with one stone all at the same time.”

Peter Styles, Member of the Board, EFET Europe

“EMART Energy 2016 has been a great event for DataGenic. It allowed us to connect with key players in the European Energy market and get a better understanding of the commodity data management challenges they are facing. We look forward to EMART Energy 2017 which promises to be even bigger and better.”

Frank Steiner, Marketing Manager, DataGenic Ltd

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